Snail Aid - Technology for Development

Impresa Sociale 

Via Montallegro 5/3, 16145 Genova
Fiscal Code: 95112630108
VAT n.: 02119750996
Registred at the Chamber of Commerce with the n. GE-460458
+39 3331655089
+39 0103532837

    Snail Aid - Technology for Development is a no profit social enterprise researching and implementing technologies for sustainable development, both in Italy and abroad, especially in developing countries. 



    Disarmadillo getting ready

    Disarmadillo moved its first steps driven remotely! After few design iterations of the remote control unit, the final version is ready and working.  The work goes on thanks to the very ... Read More

    Disarmadillo on Focus Extra magazine

    The latest issue of the Italian magazine Focus Extra dedicated to Robots includes a small box about DISARMADILLO

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