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    First part of test succesful!!

    3/ 1/2011

    Ceppo wrote:

    Tomorrow we will move LOCOSTRA from the minefields at the border between Syria and Jordan to the suspected hazardous areas (SHAs) in the Jordan Valley where there should be vegetation to try the mulcher.

    The first part of tests was succesful!!

    Up to now, LOCOSTRA resisted very well five explosions. LOCOSTRA was driven over live anti personnel mines ranging from 30g of TNT to 250g of TNT. The lst explosion was actually 280g of TNT as the PMN mine we firstly used didn't explode while driven over and we had to add another mine on the top to obtain the destruction of the mine.

    Also the first experiments with the potato digger works well, it process soil and leaves mines on top of the processed lane as foreseen.

    Everything weel until now, I have also had the chance to meet the female deminer team mainly composed by beduin graduated women. Very nice!

    I will try to upload some pcitures in the next days as here the connection is not very good.

    Thanks to all deminers who helped me,  the NPA and NCDR staff and Frank from GICHD.


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