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    Selected Publications

    Here you can see a selection of Snail Aid publications. For the ones not directly accessible on the internet, please send us an email asking for the pdf at snailaid(at) We are happy to share our work with you.

    - E.E. Cepolina, "Proposal for a New Framework for the Acceptance Test and Comparative Evaluation of Demining Machines not designed to detonate hazards",14th IARP WS HUDEM'2016, 26 Apr 2016, Biograd Croatia.

    - E.E. Cepolina et Al., "Latest developments on tools for Mine Risk Education within TIRAMISU project",14th IARP WS HUDEM'2016, 26 Apr 2016, Biograd Croatia. 

    - L. Scapolla and E.E. Cepolina “Pilot MRE campaign in Cambodia using Billy Goat Radio System”, 13th IARP WS HUDEM’2015, 28-30 Apr 2015, Biograd, Croatia.

    - E.E. Cepolina et Al., “Design Issues and in field tests of the new sustainable tractor LOCOSTRA”, Volume 3, Issue 1, March 2014, MDPI Publications (

    - E.E. Cepolina et Al., “Open source hardware for mine action”, 12th IARP Workshop HUDEM’2014, 23 April 2014.

    - L. Scapolla and E. E. Cepolina, “Mine Risk Education: Billy Goat Radio: the methodology”, 12th IARP Workshop HUDEM’2014, 23 April 2014.

    - E. E. Cepolina et Al.,  " Toward the accreditation of LOCOSTRAv2: results of pre-tets”, Mine Action 2014, Zagreb, 23-25 April 2014.

    - E. E. Cepolina, " A New Tool for Evaluating Demining Machines Cost-Efficiency", UNMAS/GICHD Technology Workshop, Pretoria, 18-20 June 2014. Presentation only.

    - L. Scapolla and E. E. Cepolina, “Billy Goat Radio: MRE in Sahrawi Refugee Camps” The Journal of ERW and Mine Action, Issue 18.3, Fall 2014 (

    - E. E. Cepolina, "Introduction to a comprehensive mine action approach", invited speaker at GFFO annual meeting “ Informative discussion and exchange of views on issues of humanitarian mine and ordnance clearance”, Berlin, 28 November 2013. Presentation only.

    - E.E. Cepolina with editorial support of A. V. Smith, "Land Release in Action", The Journal of ERW and Mine Action, Issue 17.2, 44-50, 2013 (

    - L. Scapolla, E. E. Cepolina, " A State of the Art of MRE programs from an educational entertainment point of view", 10th International Symposium on Humanitarian Demining, Sibenik, 23-24 April 2013.

    - E.E. Cepolina, M. Zoppi, M. Przybylko, “LOCOSTRA: a low cost semi-autonomous tractor for reclaiming mine-affected areas to agriculture”, ICRA 2012, USA from May 14-18, 2012.

    - E.E. Cepolina, M.Zoppi and V.Belotti “LOCOSTRA: Blast Resistant Wheels Test”, The Journal of ERW and Mine Action, Issue 15.3, Fall 2011. (

    - E.E. Cepolina, M. Zoppi, G. Polentes, B. Snobar, F. Abel, B. Kasesbeh “In-field tests of LOCOSTRA in Jordan” Proceedings of the International Symposium on Humanitarian Demining 2011, April 26-28 2011, Sibenik, Croatia.

    - E.E. Cepolina, Zoppi M. “Sustainable and Appropriate Technologies for Land Release in Humanitarian Demining”, Chapter of the book “Using Robots in Hazardous Environments: Landmine detection, demining and other applications”, published in Dec 2010 by Woodhead Publishing Limited.

    - E.E. Cepolina, Zoppi M. “Could Agricultural Machines Make a Country ‘Impact Free’ by 2010?”, The Journal of ERW and Mine Action, Issue 13.2, annual edition, August 2009. (

    - E.E. Cepolina, B. Snobar “Agricultural Derived Tools for Ground Processing in Humanitarian Demining Operations – set up of Testing Facility in Jordan”,  Proceedings of the 7thth International Advanced Robotic Programme (IARP) Workshop HUDEM08, March 28-30 2008, Cairo, Egypt.


    Papers written by Emanuela and other members of Snail Aid before 2007, paving the path for the foundation of Snail Aid. 


    - E.E. Cepolina, P. Silingardi “Power Tillers for Demining in Sri Lanka: Vegetation Cutting Module”, Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Advanced Robotics, August 21-24 2007, Jeju, Korea.

    - E.E. Cepolina, “Power Tillers for Demining in Sri Lanka: Participatory Design of Low-cost Technology”, Chapter of the Book “Humanitarian Demining, Innovative Solutions and the Challenges of Technology”, published in February 2008 by Advanced Robotic Systems, Vienna, Austria, EU. Downloaded more than 4000 times. (online here).

    - E.E. Cepolina, M.U.Hemapala, “Power tillers for demining: blast test”, International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems, Volume 4 Number 2, June 2007. (

    - E.E. Cepolina, “A pranzo nella roccaforte Kurda”,, October 2006.

    - E.E. Cepolina, "Power Tillers and Snails for Demining in Sri Lanka", Journal of Mine Action, Issue 10.1, August 2006. (

    - E.E.Cepolina, "Machine armouring preliminary test", Report of Machine Armoring Preliminary Test, PAT for demining website,, May 2006.

    - M.Salvi, E.E.Cepolina, "Effects of the Explosion of a Landmine on a Power Tiller", Report of Preliminary Test, PAT for demining website,, November 2005.

    - E.E. Cepolina, C. Bruschini, K. De Bruyn,"Providing demining technology end-users need",pg. 9-14, Proc. of the IARP International workshop on Robotics and Mechanical Assistance in Humanitarian Demining (HUDEM2005),  21-23 June 2005, Tokyo, Japan.

    - E. E. Cepolina, C. Bruschini, “Catalogue of Demining Technologies in Field Use”, EUDEM2 publication, EUDEM website

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