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    Here you can find the drawings of all mechanical parts needed to transform a powertiller (so far only G131 prower tiller from Grillo Spa) into DISARMADILLO.


    At the moment Disarmadillo is built around a powertiller produced by Grillo. The model is G131 and details about it can be found on Grillo website.  

    In the future, we would like to re-design the frame of Disarmadillo in order to make it less dependent on a specific model of powertiller. The idea is to design an upgrade kit that can transform any powertiller into Disarmadillo.

    The frame solves the double task of offering the support to the front wheels and embedding a track tensioning system.

    The frame mounted on Disarmadillo at the moment is a revised version with respect to the one described in Emanuela's PhD thesis. The current version of the frame has been designed together with students of Odero technical high school in Genova, Italy. The frame has been made in Odero's workshop by students supervised by prof. Gigi Acquilino. All technical drawings can be downloaded here.


    Disarmadillo wheels solve the double function of sustaining the track and working as a sprocket propelling the track forward. The actual design of wheels is slightly modified from the original one, mainly in relation to the change in lugs shape, from trapezoidal to cylindrical. The new drawings will be uploaded soon.



    The remote control of Disarmadillo allows to drive it from a safe position when on hazardous areas. It is using an industrial transmitter and receiver, originally mounted on Locostra machine, integrated with a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). The remote control is characterized by being simple and dual, i.e. it does not interfere with manual control. Thus, Disarmadillo can be driven as usual when used in agriculture or on safe areas. The remote control underwent many design iterations; the last one is described in Edoardo Del Bianco bachelor thesis, downloadable here