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    Remote control


    The remote control system of LOCOSTRAV2 id upgraded to host extended features and to allow a more intuitive driving.

    As before, the remote control is of industrial type and meet the following requirements:

    dual: no manual controls are removed, leaving manual drive with the operator on board possible when the machine is brought to the work place and when it is used in traditional agricultural activities after demining operations are over.

    modular: in order to be adaptable to agricultural machines presenting similar characteristics

    essential: governing only essential commands, reducing complexity and increasing system robustness (the engine can be started and gear inserted before the machine enters the minefield)

    simple human-machine interface: preferably designed together with end-users

    control distance: 100m

    The remote control governs only these essential commands:

    -          emergency stop

    -          forward/backward motion

    -          speed both in forward and in reverse motion

    -          steering, both on frontal axis and on the central joint

    -          3 point linkage system lifting system

    -          differential gear blockage

    -          p.t.o.


    Remote control first test at Pierre Trattori fields, a great success!!