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    Interest in COCODEMA tool


    Recently we have received an email about COCODEMA tool: a tool for evaluating demining equipment cost efficiency.

    "Dear Dr. Cepolina,

    A colleague and I initiated a project to develop an unmanned aerial vehicle for the detection of ERW and landmines. We aim to help NGOs making their work safer and faster. So far, we have achieved to build our first prototype which we use to evaluate the principle of our system. In order to estimate possible benefits of our system compared to current machines and methods for detection, we are researching specific information on cost- and time-efficiency of these machines and methods.

    During our research, I came across a presentation of yours about a new tool for evaluating demining machine’s cost-efficiency(20/06/2014, Pretoria). It seems to be suitable for our evaluation purposes. Therefore, I kindly ask you, if you have any additional information about it? Furthermore, is there any way we can have access to it?"

    We are very pleased to know somebody else would like to see the tool completed and use it. We started working on the tool outside our tasks as an additional project to TIRAMISU project because we thought it would have been very useful. Unfortunately we had to stop working on it because of lack of time and funding, but we will try to take it back in our hands and develop it further.

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