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    The tractor around which Locostra was built was a 74hp, approximately 55kW, four wheel tractor. It was produced by Pierre Trattori, a small family driven company. The machine can easily be built around any other hydrostatic tractor.

    Apart from off the shelf components the tractor is entirely produced in the company workshop, where basic machine tools are used such as manual lathe, drilling machines and welding tools. Therefore, the tractor can be maintained in every not specialized workshop everywhere in the world.

    The engine mounted on LOCOSTRAV2 is a commercial off the shelf diesel engine produced by Kholer-Lombardini, KDI 2504 TCR type. It is an high pressure (2000bar) turbo common rail engine with 4 cylinders, a cubic capacity of 2482cm3, 300Nm maximum torque at 1500rpm rotational speed, water cooled and with low fuel consumption (210g/kWh).

    New frame under test together with the new wheels with 240g of TNT, Italy, July 2013

    The frame is entirely made of steel. A conpletley new frame has been designed for LOCOSTRAV2 optimizing robustness and reducing the number of components needed to assemble it. As before, the frame has a central articulation allowing the radius of curvature to reach 2.15m when the double steering system is used (both on the articulation and on the front wheels). 

    The tractor is fully hydraulically actuated, having a hydrostatic transmission system and hydro static steering system connected to the steering shaft. Forward, backward motion and speed are controlled via a joystick connected to the hydraulic transmission system.

    Therefore speed is continuously regulated from 0 to 30km/h.

    The 3 point linkage system is standard category 1. It is hydraulically actuated and in its new version can lift up to 2500kg @ 30km/h. The p.t.o. rotates at 540rpm. The tractor can pull a maximum load of 4000kg. 

    The tractor weights 2000kg with traditional pneumatic agricultural wheels and 3000kg with blast resistant wheels. It is 1615mm wide, 2957mm long and 1240mm height.

    For more information on the tractor please visit Pierre Trattori website.