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    How to buy LOCOSTRA

    Unlike many other technologies for humanitarian demining the cost of LOCOSTRA machine is clearly stated:

    LOCOSTRAv2 is sold at 58.000€

    We are very proud to offer the first machine specifically designed for technical survey at less than 1/2 of the price of any other demining machine. We can afford to sell the machine at such a low price thanks to the resources made available to us from research and development projects. Although the price will be kept as low as possible, the cost might slightly increase when there will not be any R&D project supporting the work we are doing. Be fast, since the price of 58.000€ is guaranteed up to the end of 2015!

    As verification asset LOCOSTRA can be equipped with different tools:

    with the mulcher produced by FAE - Advanced Shredding Technologies

    for cutting vegetation and small trees up to 15cm in diameter


    with the ground processing tool produced by NARDI


    for processing soil up to 15cm deep


    with the large loop detector produced by Ebinger


    for checking for the presence of metal.

    Apart from demining activities LOCOSTRA can be employed in many other applications being a remotely controlled, agile, blast resistant, intrusive vehicle that can be equipped with any tool that can be fit to a standard three point linkage system.

    Above all, LOCOSTRA can be used in agricultural applications when demining is over.

    LOCOSTRA is produced by PIERRE Trattori, the family driven company producing the tractor P796V on which LOCOSTRA is based. PIERRE Trattori has been producing tractors since 1957, never stopping innovation.

    Research on LOCOSTRA keeps on going with the very important collaboration of the Department of Mechanics and Machine Design of the University of Genova.

    Therefore, part of the money gained by selling the machine is directly invested into the research of new features and tools to make LOCOSTRA a very effective verification asset for releasing land safely, quickly and cheaply to local communities.

    LOCOSTRA is sold with the help of Snail Aid, which is also responsible for the training, the customer care and the quality functional deployment of new features by constant connection with end-users in the field.

    If you are interested in buying LOCOSTRA please contact Emanuela of Snail Aid at or by phone at 0039 3331655089.