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    Ram pump

    General description: Realization of a Ram Pump for providin fresh water to houses and cultivations

    Location: Torri Superiore Ecovillage, Imperia - Italy

    Beneficiary: Torri Superiore Ecovillage inhabitants


    The ram pump is a machine that uses a small water fall to pump part of the water to a higher location. This kind of pump doesn't require any additional energy than the one contained in the stream of water itself; this allows to have a continuative operation at zero cost. This solution is especially suitable for places close to rivers and water streams, where installation is very simple and just a minor portion of water is taken.

    This pump os easy and cheap to realize and requires only some attention in the design phase and first operation period.

    The pump was realized in the period between June 9 and 15, 2008. The cost for the components was low and the last tweaking was left in chasrge to the users of the pump, after a brief explanation and training.

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