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    New site working

    2/14/2011 | Comments: 1

    gatto wrote:

    Just a small update and some information regarding the new site.

    The site was built on the chassis of gpEasy, a wonderful peace of software released under gpl license (don't know the version) that is turning 2.0 in these days (just upgraded to version 2.0b2). Thanks to its developers

    This allows an easy management of a website with static pages, a blog and some galleries, that is exactly what we need here at Snail Aid. Some plugins are available (the blog is one of them) and we are trying them, in order to see what's useful and what draws away the attention.

    Moreover, some more tweaking needs to be done, the theme needs just a lighter banner, as the present one is quite heavy. The theme is based on the standard one from gpEasy, called One_Point_5, with some color change and the adoption of a banner I think it looks awesome, even better than the old one (to which we inspired anyway).

    The old websites will be available temporarily, until we finish porting all the contents here. then we'll shut them down.

    Finally, as you can guess, we decided to adopt just one language for the site, therefore, bye bye Italian, by now...
    Most of the documentation and people we deal with are not italian, therefore it's must faster and much more useful to keep English as the main language. 

    We're very sorry for this decision, but the maintenance of two languages corresponded to twice the work and was becoming too much time demanding. We hope it's not a big disturb. By the way, don't hesitate writing us an email to get some information in Italian (or even Spanish...).

    Ok, that's all by now. comments are always welcome, just click on the post title to enable them.

    Come back soon for more!

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